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Candice Mtwazi

LLM International Economic Law, Justice and Development

Birkbeck’s new and unique intensive LLM course was perfect for Candice Mtwazi as it enabled her to continue her studies while looking after her young family. She was also so impressed by the teaching and subject matter that she is now applying for a PhD in Law at Birkbeck.

Candice, 26, was eager to further her legal studies after completing her LLB at London Metropolitan University in January 2013. She started looking online for courses, and came across Birkbeck’s new intensive programmes, which include two fortnights of face-to-face tuition – one in April and one in June/July.

This innovative mode of teaching, which is being pioneered by Birkbeck’s interdisciplinary School of Law, includes preparatory reading and learning materials before classes begin, and a dissertation once the classes end. The intensive programme appealed to Candice as it meant she would not have to wait until the beginning of the new academic year in October, and she would be able to arrange childcare around two intense periods of study, rather than throughout the year if she was studying full-time, or over two years if she was studying part-time.

Candice decided to enrol on the intensive LLM in International Economic Law, Justice and Development for many reasons, including Birkbeck’s reputation, its prestigious and internationally-recognised qualifications, and the two concentrated blocks of teaching.

She said: 'The intensive course is a really good idea as otherwise I would not have been able to study at this level. I have been able to see my seven-month-old daughter and four-year-old son and still complete my university work. The intensive course has suited my plans perfectly.”

Candice has gained much from studying the new intensive programme, which was offered for the first time this year. She said: 'The course 'as very informative and I learned a lot. I now have a greater understanding of institutions and knowledge of international economic law. Birkbeck is very welcoming as an institution. You can approach the lecturers and they give you solid direction. The quality of the teaching has just amazed me.' Candice’s dissertation is an analysis of the impact of aid upon developing countries, including the legal implications of pledges made by developed countries.

Such positive experiences at Birkbeck have convinced Candice that she should apply to study a PhD in Law at the College. She added: 'As a result of the intensive LLM, I definitely now want to pursue a career in academia.' As well as learning from the lecturers, Candice, who is British, gained many insights from her fellow students, many of whom came from overseas to study at Birkbeck. She said: 'It was brilliant to hear all the views and experiences that other students shared from their home countries. There was a real international mix with students from an array of backgrounds, including the US and Jamaica. I would definitely recommend the course. I think it is such a brilliant idea.'

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'There was a real international mix with students from an array of backgrounds.'