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Research interests

My work focuses on the cultural politics of sexuality and of sexual and gendered violence. I am interested in feminist anti-rape politics, cultural responses to rape survivor narratives, constructions of sexual safety and danger in popular culture, and cultural representations of sex work.

My interests are interdisciplinary, draws on a number of areas: feminist and queer theory, critical race and postcolonial theory, literary and popular cultural studies, narrative analysis, and the intersection of legal theory with literature and popular culture.

Currently I am involved a number of research projects. The first explores the history and development of feminist practices of speaking out against sexual violence. The second critically examines competing feminist representations of prostitutes/sex workers as figures of victimisation and empowerment. The third explores the experiences of LGBT prisoners as sexual ‘others’ within a coercively defined system of heterosexism and gender normativity.

I am also beginning to work on a project on cultural representations of sexual danger, safety and pleasure. I am interested in constructions of sexuality as an ambivalent domain that entails both significant risk and thus requires regulation, and as a domain which is seen to embody primal needs and desire. I am interested in the way in which contemporary popular cultures understand sexuality, but also in what it means to be a good sexual citizen, or a figure of sexual risk and danger.