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Publications and media

Chapters in edited collections

  • (with Ali, S., Branley, D. & Campbell, C) 'Politics, Identities and Research' in Researching Society and Culture, 2nd Edition, Seale C (ed.), Sage (2004)


  • 'The new activism' HIV Treatment Update, issue 212; Summer (2012)
  • (with Grimshaw, J.) 'The history of HIV activism in England', Baseline, issues 12 and 13 (2012)
  • (with Buckton, A.J., Kulasegaram, R., Ngui, S.L., Fisher, M., Rangarajan. S. & Teo,  C.G.) 'Selection and persistence of occult minority genotype 2b hepatitis C infection in a patient treated with 48 weeks of pegylated interferon alpha-2b and ribavirin for genotype 5a', Journal of Clinical Virology, 40 (1), pp.60-63 (2007)
  • (with Edwards. S., Rickard, W. & Woodley, K.) 'Living Stories: The HIV and Haemophilia Project', HIV Nursing, 5 (3) (2005).

Other publications

  • 'Haemophilia' and 'Viral Hepatitis' chapters in Aids Reference Manual, Cairns G (ed.), NAM, (2006)

Presentations given

  • (with Petretti, S & Nixon, E) 'Heterosexual men and women engaging in HIV services', NHIVNA Annual Conference, Bristol, 22-23 June, 2017
  • (with Kwardem L & Shepherd, J ) 'What is the impact of having UK-CAB representatives on guideline writing committees and academic/clinical research study boards, BHIVA Conference, Liverpool, 4-7 April, 2017
  • 'Introduction to research and clinical trials', Seminar for treatment advocates, Milton Keynes, 12 Feb, 2016
  • 'Who gets prosecuted? A review of cases of HIV transmission and exposure cases in Austria, England, Sweden and Switzerland', IAS World AIDS Conference, Vienna 18-23 July, 2010
  • (with Azad, Y) 'What do courts transcripts reveal about judges’ understanding of HV infection and what are the implications for healthcare professionals giving advice to the court? BHIVA Conference, Liverpool, 1-3 April, 2009