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Publications and media


  • (2006) Sexuality, Identity and Law Published as part of an international series of Law and Society Scholarship (series editor, Austin Sarat), (Ashgate)
  • (2003) with Skeggs,B., Tyrer, P & Corteen, K., Sexuality and the Politics of Violence and Safety, (Routledge)
  • (1996) The Homosexual(ity) of Law, Routledge,
  • (1986) with Goodrich, P. Reading the Law, Blackwell

Research Reports

Edited books

  • (2012) with Ward, S. & Winterfeldt, D. Career Progression in the Legal Sector 2012: A Report on Lawyers and Business Services Professionals by Gender, Ethnicity, Social Mobility, Disability and Sexual Orientation London InterLaw
  • (2011) with Winterfeldt, D. Barriers to Application for Judicial Appointment: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Research London InterLaw
  • (2008) (ed.) 'Diversity and Criminal Justice' published as a special edition of Liverpool Law Review
  • (2004) with Christie, I. Sandon, E. & Loizidou, E (eds.) Law's Moving Image, Cavendish
  • (2004) with Paterson, S. & Docherty, T. "‘Count me in!’ A Report on a survey of homophobic violence in Bexley and Greenwich." GALOP
  • (2001) 'Critical reflections on Hate Crime' published as a special edition of Law and Critique
  • (1998) with Monk, D & beresford, S (eds.) Legal Queeries, Cassells
  • (1997) 'Legal Perversions' published as a special edition of Social and Legal Studies
  • (1990) with Kent, P (eds.) 'Legal Issues in HIV/AIDS', published as a special edition of The Liverpool Law Review

Chapters in edited collections

  • (forthcoming) with Sharpe, A. N. ‘Violence, identity and policing: The Case of violence against transgender people’ in Bosworth, M. (ed.) Theoretical Criminology Vol 2, Routledge.
  • (2014) 'LGBT Hate Crime: Key Issues' in Hall, N., Corb, A., Giannasi, P & Grieve, P (eds.) The International Handbook of Hate Crime, Routledge
  • (2013) '"May it please the court…" Forming sexualities as judicial virtues in judicial swearing-in ceremonies', in Shultz, U. & Shaw, G. (eds) Gender and Judging, Hart Press
  • (2012)‘To Be Judged “Gay”’ in Rivers, I. & Ward, R. (eds.) Out of the ordinary: representation of LGBT lives’, Cambridge Scholars Publishing,
  • (2012) ‘The changing landscape of policing male sexualities; a minor revolution?’ in Johnson, P. & Dalton, D. (eds.) Policing Sex, Routledge
  • (2012) 'Studying the judiciary after the cultural turn' in Roseneil, S. & Frosh, S. (eds.) Social Research after the Cultural Turn, Palgrave Macmillan
  • (2012) ‘Every picture speaks a thousand words: visualising judicial authority in the press’, in Gisler, P., Steinert Borella, S. & Wiedmer, C (eds.) Intersections of Law and Culture. Palgrave Macmillan
  • (2012) ‘Imagining the judge: fragments of a study of judicial portraiture’ in Modéer, K A. & Sunnqvist, M. (eds.) Legal staging: Visualisation – Mediatisation – Ritualisation: Legal Communication through Language, Literature, Media, Art and Architecture. Copenhagen University Press
  • (2011) 'The Public Sex of the Judiciary: The Appearance of the Irrelevant and the Invisible', in Jones, J., Grear A., Fenton, RA., Stevenson, K. (eds.) Routledge
  • (2010) ‘The judicial virtue of sexuality’ in Brookes, K & Leckey, P (eds.) Queer Theory: Law, culture, Empire, Routledge
  • (2009) 'Protecting the judge: a case study in the cultural lives of the judiciary' in Sarat, A. (ed.) Law and Film: Essays on the state of the field, special edition of Studies in Law, Politics and Society 46
  • (2009)‘Transcripts and Truth: Writing the Trials of Oscar Wilde’, in Bristow, J (ed.) Oscar Wilde and Modern Culture: The Making of a Legend, Ohio University Press
  • (2009) 'A queer case of judicial diversity: sexuality, law and judicial studies' in Giffney, N. & O'Rourke, M. (eds.) The Ashgate Research Companion to Queer Theory. Ashgate
  • (2007) 'Cause lawyering "English Style": Reading Rumpole of the Bailey*' in Sarat, A. & Schiengold, S. (eds.) The Cultural Life of Cause Lawyers Cambridge University Press,
  • (2007) 'Placing Jurisdiction' in McVeigh, S (ed.) Jurisprudence of Jurisdiction, Routledge-Cavendish
  • (2007) 'Homophobic violence in London: challenging assumptions about strangers, dangers and safety in the city' in Philippopoulos-Mihalopolous, A (ed.) Law and the City, Routledge-Cavendish
  • (2005) with B. Skeggs, B., Tyrer, P. & Binnie, J. 'Queer as Folk: Producing the real of urban space', in Collins, A. (ed.) Cities of Pleasure: Sex and the Urban Socialscape, Routledge
  • (2004) 'Sexuality in Law and Society Scholarship' in Sarat, A. (ed.) The Blackwell Companion to Law and Society Blackwell
  • (2004) 'On realism and the law film: the case of Oscar Wilde' in Moran L., Sandon, E., Loizidou, E & Christie, I. (eds.) Law’s Moving Image, Cavendish
  • (2002) with Skeggs, B., Tyrer, P. & Corteen, K. 'Safety Talk, Violence and Laughter: Methodological reflections on focus groups in violence research' in Lee, R.M., & Stanko, E. A. (eds.) Researching Violence: Essays on Methodology and Measurement, Routledge
  • (2002) 'Lesbian and Gay Bodies of Law', (2002) in Richardson, D. & Seidman, V. (eds.) Handbook of Lesbian and Gay Studies,  Sage
  • (2002) 'The poetics of safety: lesbians, gay men and home',  Chapter 11 in Crawford, A (ed.) Crime, Insecurity, Safety in the New Governance, Wilans Publishing,
  • (2001) 'Law and the Gothic Imagination' (2001) in Botting, F. (ed.) Essays and Studies on Gothic, Boydell and Brewer
  • (2001) 'The Gaze of Law; technologies, bodies, representation' in Halliday, R. & Hassard, J. (eds.) Contested Bodies, Routledge
  • (2000) 'Homo Legalis: Lesbian and Gay in Legal Studies' in Sandfort, T. et al (eds.) Lesbian and Gay Studies in Europe, Sage
  • (2000) 'Homophobic violence: the hidden injuries of class' in Munt, S (ed.) Working Class and Cultural Studies, Cassells
  • (1998) 'Oscar Wilde: Law Memory and the Proper Name' in Moran, L., Monk, D. & Beresford, S (eds.) Legal Queeries, Cassells

Selected articles in refereed journals

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