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Publications and media


  • (2007) Judith Butler: Ethics, Law, Politics, London, Routledge-Glasshouse

Edited collections

  • (2015) Disobedience: Concept and Practice, London: Routledge
  • (2004) (with Moran, L., Sandon, E. & Christie, I.) Law’s Moving Image, London: Cavendish

Chapters in edited collections

  • (forthcoming 2017) 'What is Law?' in Newman, S. & Levy, C. (eds.)  The Anarchist Imagination: Anarchism Encounters the Humanities and Social Sciences Routledge
  • (2016) 'Dreams and the Political Subject'  in Butler, J., Gambetti, Z. & Sambsay, L. (eds.) "Vulnerability in Resistance", Durham, Duke University Press
  • ‘Lauren Berlant the Americanist, Comparative Literary Theorist and Cynical Philosopher’ in Groden, M., Kreiswirth, M. & Szeman, I. The Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism (Baltimore John Hopkins University Press, forthcoming 2012)
  • (2015) 'Disobedience subjectively speaking' in Loizidou, E. (ed.) Disobedience: Concept and Practice London: Routledge
  • (2012) ‘Before the Law. Encounters at the Borderline’ in Stone, M.,Wall, I.R. & Douzinas, C. (eds.) New Critical Thinking: Law and the Political, London, Birkbeck Law Press
  • (2011) 'This is what democracy looks like', in Martel, J. & Klausen, J. (eds.) How not to be Governed: Reading and Interpretations from a Critical Anarchist Left, New York, Lexington Press
  • ‘‘No Gods No Masters’: Anarchism and the other art of life in After Sovereignty, (eds) Pavlich, G. & Barbour, C. (London, Routledge-Cavendish, forthcoming 2008)
  • (2008) 'Butler and Life: Law, Sovereignty and Power’ in Carver, T. & Chambers, S. (eds.) "Judith Butler's Precarious Politics: Critical encounters" London: Routledge
  • (2004) 'Rebel without a cause?' in Moran, L., Sandon, E., Loizidou, E. & Christie, I. (eds.) "Law's Moving Image" London, Cavendish
  • (2005) 'Rebellion and citizenship: Hannah Arendt, Jim Stark and American Public Life in the 1950s' in Slocum, D. (ed.) "Rebel without a cause: Approaches to a Maverick Masterwork" New York: State University of New York Press
  • (2000) 'Of Feminism, Children and Pornography' in Heinze, E. (ed.) "Of Innocence and Autonomy: Children, Sex and Human Rights" London, Ashgate
  • (1997) 'Heavenly Creatures, Matricide and Criminal Law's obsession with Confessions' in Moran, L., Monk, D. & Beresford, S. (eds.) "Legal Queeries: Lesbian, Gay, and Transgender Legal Studies"  London, Cassell


  • (2017) 'A Break?' Law and Critique, 28(3), pp. 307-322
  • (2016) 'Refugees and the Borders of Europe: A minor Contribution' Law and Critique, 27(1)
  • (2014) 'Dreams of flying-flying Bodies' in The Funambulist 8th March
  • (2013) 'Lauren Berlant as Cynical Philosopher: An Introduction', Critical Legal Thinking,
  • (2012) 'Parallel Lives', Law Culture and the Humanities, published first online 14th September
  • (2008) (with Ramshaw, S.) ‘Writing the legal Body’, A Special Edition of Australian Feminist Law Journal vol. 29
  • (2008) 'The body figural and material in the work of Judith Butler', Australian Feminist Law Journal Vol. 28, pp. 29-51.
  • (2004) 'Criminal Law and Punishment: Indexical permission', Punishment and Society, 6(3), pp. 303-319.
  • (2004) 'The Love Bug and the Melancholic Drag Queen or a reflection on the cultural/political 'grounds' of subjects as sexual', Journal of Cultural Research, 8(4), 447-465.
  • (2001)  Learning Pain: Poetry in Emotion', Liverpool Law Review 23: 179-185.
  • (2000) (with Tyler, I.) 'The Promise of Berlant: An Interview', Cultural Values 4, 497-511.
  • (1999) 'Sex @ the end of the twentieth century: some re-marks on a minor jurisprudence', Law and Critique 10(1), pp. 71-86.
  • (1997) 'A phantasmatic moment: the defense of in-sanity' Law and Critique 8(2), pp.115-140
  • (1999) 'The Trouble with Rape: Gender Matters and Legal Transformations' Feminist Legal Studies 7(3) pp.275-297

Plenary Addresses

  • (2011,September) ‘Laughter and Anarchism’, International Critical Legal Studies Conference Aberystwth
  • (2009, February)‘The body figural and material in the work of Judith Butler’ Graduate School Utrecht University
  • (2009, May) "Feminism" PECANS, University of Kent/Westminster
  • (2007, December) ‘‘Butler and Life: Law, Governmentality, Sovereignty" Gender Institute, Panteion University, Athens


  • (2012, May) ‘Hannah Arendt and Occupy’, Hannah Arendt’s Crisis in Culture 50th Anniversary: Reflections, Implications, Speculations, Goleb Amsterdam
  • (2012, May) ‘Laughter and Anarchism’, What is a Coalition? Conference, Gender Studies, University of Geneva.
  • (2011, May) ‘To Have and Have not: Queer Legal Studies’, Queer Law Conference, SOAS London.
  • (2011, February) ‘Watermelon Fields’ An Encounter with Judith Butler’, Department of Politics and International Relations. University of Westminster, London.

Guest Speaker

  • (2014, May) ‘A break?’ in the Interdisciplinary Workshop Locating Politics across the Disciplinary Spectrum Department of Politics, University of Manchester.
  • (2014, April) ‘Dreams, Feelings and Disobedience’ in the workshop ‘Protest, Precarisation, Possibility’ part of ESRC Series The Public Life of Private Law, Warwick University.
  • (2008, June) ‘Anarchism in America’, Law school, Lancaster University
  • (2007, September) ‘Misreading Split Decisions’, discussion of Janet Halley’s Split Decisions: How and Why to Take a Break from Feminism (Princeton, PUPress, 2006), SOAS, University of London
  • (2006, May) Commentator to the Plenary Address of Professor Wendy Brown, Critical International Law Conference, Birkbeck College
  • (2007, February) ‘Anarchism in America’, Legal theory Discussion Group, Law School, Leicester University
  • (2006, February) ‘Ethics in Judith Butler’s critical theory’ – Center for the Study of Law and Culture, Columbia University Law School

Conferences organised

  • (2010, May), Disobedience, Birkbeck School of Law
  • (2007, September) Walls: Re-approaching structural divides in critical legal theory, School of Law, Birkbeck College.
  • (2002, May) (with Smith, M) Fantasises of Childhood, ICA

Conference papers

  • April 2009, ‘Anarchism an art of living’, Law, culture and Humanities, Suffolk University Law School, Boston.
  • June 2008, ‘Anarchism in America’, Law school, Lancaster University
  • September, 2004: 'My Body, This paper, This fire' Text and Terrain Colloquium at the AHRC Center for the Study of Law, Gender and Sexuality, Kent Law School. Key note address.
  • May, 2005 'Double Law' - AHRC centre for the study of Law, Gender and Sexuality, Kent Law School.
  • March, 2000 'Ethics and Politics in Judith Butler's work'-SLSA Conference, Liverpool University
  • March 2004 'Rebel without a Cause?' Law Culture and the Humanities Annual Conference, Hartford Connecticut
  • April 2003' Rebel without a Cause?', Westminster University (Guest speaker)
  • September 2002 -'Fantasies of Freedom Future Tense' Critical Legal Studies Conference, London Metropolitan University
  • May 2002 -'Fantasies of Freedom Future Tense' Imagining Communities International Conference, Lancaster Women Studies
  • 'Post-Oedipal subjects: reading Oedipus otherwise'. SLSA Conference, Bristol, April 2001.
  • 'Rebel(s) without a cause?', Law and Criminology Seminar, Lancaster University, April 2001 and School of Law, Birkbeck College, November 2000.
  • 'Subject formations and civil subjection', International Institute of Sociology of Law, Onati, Spain, September 2000.
  • 'The maternal in Lolita', Law and Society Association, Chicago, May 1999.
  • 'Of Feminism, Children and Pornography', Open Seminar at the Institute for Women's Studies, Lancaster University, May 1998.
  • 'Of Feminism, Children and Pornography', Of Innocence and Autonomy: Children, Sex and Human Rights Conference, Queen Mary and Westfield College, April 1998.
  • 'Heavenly Creatures, Matricide and Criminal law', Critical Legal Studies Conference, University of East London, September 1996

Book reviews

  • (2005) 'Romancing the Tomes: Popular Culture, Law and Feminism' Thornton, M (ed.) International Journal of Law in Context, 1(2) pp. 210-213
  • (2003) 'Publics and Counter-Publics' Michael Warner (New York, Zone, 2002) Space and Culture 6(1) pp. 77-8
  • (2001) 'Athletes and Acquaintance Rape' Benedict, J. R. (Sage Publications, 1998), Feminist Legal Studies 9(1), pp. 85-88
  • (1997) 'Urban Excess and the Law' Stanley, C (Routledge-Cavendish, 1996) Howard Journal of Criminal Justice

Other associations and work