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Research interests

Sarah's research interests lie at the intersections of gender, sexuality and criminal justice; law, social movements and knowledge production; and cultures of violence, control and punishment. Taking a theoretically informed, yet empirically grounded approach to these topics, Sarah considers both the conceptual and material dimensions of social, political and epistemological change. At the heart of Sarah's research are questions about power, social change and political possibility.

Sarah is currently working on two research projects:

The first project, titled 'Queer Investments in Punishment', explores the changing relationship between sexual politics and the carceral state in Canada, the US and Britain. Tracing how particular streams of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender politics have become increasingly invested in state practices of policing, punishment and prisons, this research asks how and why sexual equality strategies have become intertwined with punitive law and order politics.

The second project, titled 'Transformative Justice and Community Anti-Violence Initiatives', examines non-state, community-based accountability strategies for addressing gendered, racialised and sexualised violence. Documenting emerging forms of grassroots 'transformative justice' practices in the US, Canada and Britain, this research considers what these strategies offer as alternatives to punishment-centred justice.

Other research interests include:

  • law and political theory
  • governance and social regulation
  • policing, punishment and criminalisation
  • state violence and institutional racism
  • welfare, poverty and homelessness
  • alternative justice and community responses to social harm
  • critical disability studies
  • feminist, critical race, and queer theory