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Publications and media


Book Chapters

  • (2017) ’Exclusion by Default or Design: Asylum in the Context of Immigration Control’ in D. Stevens and M. O’Sullivan, States, The Law and Refugee Protection: Fortresses and Fairness (Hart Publishing, 2017) 29-44
  • (2017) ’The Perils of Differentiated Integration in the Field of Asylum' in B. De Witte, A. Ott and E. Vos (eds.) Between Flexibility and Disintegration: The Trajectory of Differentiation in EU Law (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2017)
  • (2016) ‘Spaces of Injustice: Tower Hamlets and the Lutfur Rahman Judgment’ in E. Patchett and S. Keenan (eds.), Spatial Justice and Diaspora (Counterpress, 2016)
  • (2015) ‘EU migration and asylum law under the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice’ in A. Arnull and D. Chalmers, The Oxford Handbook of European Union Law (OUP,  2015)
  • (2014) ‘“Innocence Charged with Guilt”: The Criminalisation of Protest From Peterloo to Millbank’, in F. Pakes and D. Pritchard (eds.) Riot: Unrest and Protest on the Global Stage (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014)
  • (2013) ‘The "New Europe" and the "New European Refugee": The subversion of the European Union's refugee law by its migration policy’ in S. Juss (ed.), The Ashgate Research Companion to Migration Theory and Policy (Ashgate, 2013)
  • (2011) E. Thielemann and N. El-Enany, ‘Refugee protection as a collective action problem: Is the EU shirking its responsibilities?’ in C. Kaunert and S. Leonard (eds.) Developing European Internal Security Policy: After the Stockholm Summit and the Lisbon Treaty (Routledge, 2011)
  • (2011) N. El-Enany and E. Thielemann, ‘The Impact of EU Asylum Policy on National Asylum Regimes’ in F. Goudappel, S. Wolff and J. de Zwaan, The Area of Freedom, Security and Justice: myth or reality? Taking stock of the Lisbon Treaty and the Stockholm Programme (Asser, 2011)
  • (2010) N. El-Enany and E. Thielemann, ‘Forced Migration, Refugees and Asylum’ in R. A. Denemark (ed.) The International Studies Encyclopedia Vol. IV (Wiley-Blackwell, 2010).

Book reviews

  • (2012) Sliwinski, Sharon, Human Rights in Camera (University of Chicago Press, 2011) Times Higher Education, 9 February 2012.
  • (2011) Banakar, Reza, Rights in Context: Law and Justice in Late Modern Society (Ashgate 2011) Times Higher Education, 3 November 2011.
  • (2008) Jane Freedman’s Gendering the International Asylum and Refugee Debate (Palgrave Macmillan, 2007) West European Politics Vol. 32, No. 3 (2008) 686-687.

Edited Volumes

  • (forthcoming, 2019) N. El-Enany (with D. Bulley and J. Edkins) (eds.) After Grenfell: Violence, Resistance and Response (Pluto)

Edited Special Issues


  • N. El-Enany, ‘The next British empire’, IPPR Progressive Review Vol. 25. No. 1 (Summer 2018), 30-38.
  • N. El-Enany and Sarah Keenan, ‘Re-placing Australia: Creative protest in the heart of empire’ Acta Academia (forthcoming, 2018).
  • N. El-Enany, ‘On Pragmatism and Legal Idolatry: Fortress Europe and the Desertion of the Refugee’ International Journal of Minority and Group Rights Vol. 22, (1) (2015), 7-38.
  • N. El-Enany, ‘The EU Asylum, Immigration and Border Control Regime: Including and Excluding the “deserving migrant”’ European Journal of Social Security Vol. 15, No. 2 (2013), 171-186.
  • G. Dale and N. El-Enany, ‘The Limits of Social Europe: EU Law and the Ordoliberal Agenda’ Vol. 14 German Law Journal (2013), 613-650.
  • E. Thielemann and N. El-Enany, ‘Refugee Protection as a Collective Action Problem: Is the EU Shirking its Responsibilities?’ European Security 19 (2) (2010) 209- 229.
  • N. El-Enany, ‘Who is the New European Refugee?’ European Law Review 33 (3) (2008) 313-335.

Other Publications

News Media

  • Live interview for Al Jazeera TV on the 2016 EU referendum, 22 June 2016.
  • Interview for CBC news on Calais migrant deaths, 29 July 2015.
  • Live interview for Monocle Radio 24 on migrant deaths, 21 April 2015
  • Live interview on police accountability in deaths in custody cases in Britain for the Islam Channel, 29 October 2013.