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Research interests

In the course of his research career, Costas has created two new inter-disciplinary areas of research: a distinct school of British critical legal thought, and the turning of legal scholarship towards ethical concerns and aesthetic considerations, namely research on law and visuality.

Costas is currently working on two books: Legal Iconology, an examination of the historical, theoretical and legal dimensions of this intricate link between law, images and art, and Radical Philosophy of Right - an ambitious attempt to write the radical’s compendium to legal and political philosophy mimicking Hegel’s Philosophy of Right.

Costas' books have been translated into thirteen languages and have led to extensive lecture tours of Latin America, South Africa and Europe. Costas has been involved in the various movements of the 2010s; has written extensively for The Guardian, OpenDemocracy and other global publications; and has a continuous presence on radio and TV.

Costas is a managing editor of Law & Critique, the international journal of critical legal thought which is published from the Birkbeck School of Law.

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Professor Costas Douzinas