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Research interests

Dr Eddie Bruce-Jones’ is the author of Race in the Shadow of Law: State Violence in Contemporary Europe, a socio-legal study of law and anti-racism work in Europe, with a focus on the German context.  It analyses the tension between conventional legal discourse and experiential modes of describing state violence, anti-discrimination legislation and immigration policies to arrive at a deeper understanding of the ways that laws affect the lives of Black Germans.  He remains active in research and policy work on deaths in custody and state violence in Europe.

Dr Bruce-Jones is currently writing his second manuscript, which is a methodologically disruptive legal history of the indenture of South Asians to Jamaica during the British colonial era.  The work contributes to debates sustained by historians and theorists as S. Hartman, L. Lowe, C. Sharpe, V. Shepherd and S. Smallwood, and others, and interrogates the challenges researchers face as they tell the stories of indenture while battling against and speaking and reading through the prism of contemporary colonial legal and administrative structures.  This research has been supported by a visiting fellowship at the Max Planck Institute for European Legal History.

Dr Bruce-Jones’ research interests fall broadly into four categories:  1) Race and the Law  2) Immigration and Asylum, 3) Critical Approaches to Equality and Human Rights Law and 4) Law and the Humanities.  Methodologically, he finds trans/ multi-disciplinary angles of law and anthropology, socio-legal studies, law and literature, critical race theory and queer theory quite helpful.