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Research interests

My work addresses cultural texts as a form of law-making with the potential to question, disrupt, and remake other forms of legislation. It is complimentary to, and also a departure from, work pioneered by other Birkbeck scholars which analysed legal texts as a form of literature. My research employs continental critical theory, in particular feminist, psychoanalytic and postcolonial approaches, to address texts ranging from Greek myths to contemporary writing, film and popular music.

My current research explores the intersections between legal and psychoanalytic theory and practice, particularly in its Lacanian manifestations. The different conceptions of the human subject in law and in psychoanalysis come in for special attention by pitting terms from legal and political discourse such as guilt, justice, freedom, responsibility, ideology, and democracy against their psychoanalytic counterparts and interrogating them through the awry lens of desire, repression, and above all, enjoyment.

Maria Aristodemou