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Edited collections

Chapters in edited collections

  • (with Macmillan, F. & Tuitt, P.) 'Introduction: Investigating Crime Fiction', in Aristodemou, M., Macmillan, F. & Tuitt, P. (eds.) Crime Fiction and the Law, Routledge: Birkbeck Law Press (forthcoming).
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Other publications

  • (2008) Entries on 'Law and Narrative' and 'Law and Storytelling' Oxford Law Dictionary
  • (2008) Interview with Slavoj Zizek, published in Subjectivity.

Conferences, workshops, panels organised

  • Organizer, chair and presenter of Law-English Day, Birkbeck College,  (May 2001).
  • 'Law and Literature Panel', Critical Legal Conference, Helsinki (September 2000).
  • 'Law and Literature Panel', Critical Legal Studies Conference, Birkbeck (September 1999).
  • 'Writing Law and Literature' session, Critical Law Conference, Edinburgh (September 1995).

Presentations given

  • Colloquium on Post-Democracy, Brown University, Rhode Island (October 2015)
  • Plenary Speaker, University of Athens, Democracy Rising Conference (July 2015)
  • "Lacan Meets Law and Literature, and Laughs"  Law and Literature Conference, University of Toulon (March 2015)
  • Roundtable discussion on "Law, Psychoanalysis, Society: Taking The Unconscious Seriously" Georgetown Law School, Washington DC (March 2015)
  • Lecture and seminar discussion to staff at University of Pretoria, School of Law (August 2014)
  • Roundtable on Law in Literature with Joshua Rosenberg and Lisa Appignanesi, City of London Festival (July 2014)
  • 'The Concept of Freedom in Fernando Pessoa’s 'Book Of Disquiet' Law and Performance, Porto University,  (July 2014)
  • 'There Is Only One Illegal Feeling: the Anxiety of Breaking Bad' Law Culture and Humanities, University of Virginia (March 2014)
  • Staff seminar on the concept of truth in law and psychoanalysis, IDC Herzliya (April 2014)
  • Roundtable, Law Culture and Humanities Conference, Birkbeck, London (March 2013)
  • Newcastle University, Law School, Staff Seminar (March 2013)
  • Plenary Speaker "How To Argue Human Rights" Mexico Ministry of Justice Conference, Mexico City, (November 2012)
  • Literature and Human Rights Roundtable, University of Verona,(November 2012)
  • Plenary Speaker at Passions of International Law Conference, Melbourne Law School, (September 2012)
  • ESSE Conference, Bogadici University, Istanbul (September 2012)
  • Griffith Law School Roundtable on Representational Legality,(August 2012)
  • Presentations on W.H.Auden and Hannah Arendt, Poetics of Anxiety Conference, Birkbeck & Serpentine Gallery, (April 2012)
  • 'Politics and Atheism' Radical Politics and Law Conference, PUC, Rio de Janeiro, (April 2012)
  • ‘The Morning After the Death of God’ Law and Culture Roundtable, IDC Herzilyia, Tel Aviv, (March 2012)
  • IVR Conference, Frankfurt, German (August 2011)
  • ‘From Freud to Lacan in Italy: The Impact of Phenomenology’ International Symposium on Phenomenology, Perugia, Italy,(July 2011)
  • ‘The Life of Archives in Law and in Literature’ Symposium in Honour of Cornelia Vissman, Goldsmiths College and Birkbeck, (June 2011)
  • ‘Democracy or Your Life!’ ESSE Conference, Athens, Greece, (May 2011)
  • Law Culture and Humanities paper, Interstices of Justice Panel, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (March 2011)
  • ‘Knowledge and Ignorance in Law and Literature’ Legal Theory Seminar, Westminster University (February 2011)
  • 'Law & Literature After the Death of God' ESSE Conference, Turin (August 2010)
  • “The Legal Case: Interdisciplinary Perspectives”, Hong Kong University (June 2010)
  • “Law and Lawlessness in the Indian Ocean”, Southampton University (January 2010)
  • 'Home is Where the Law Is: A Humbug Reading of the Wizard of Oz' Symposium, Albany Law School (November 2009)
  • ‘Enjoy, Whatever She Says: Law After the Death of God’ Law, Literature and Religion Symposium, Villanova Law School (October 2009)
  • ‘Law and Psychoanalysis: Does the Letter of the Law Always Arrive?’ Postgraduate Seminar Series, Aberdeen University (May 2009).
  • 'Does the letter of the law always arrive at its destination?' Law Culture and Humanities Conference, Suffolk Law School, Boston (April 2009).
  • ‘The Politics of Atheism’ Annual Law Staff Seminar Series, Nottingham Law School (November 2008).
  • Discussant at The Work of History in International Law and Empire Symposium, LSE-Melbourne University International Humanitarian Law Project (October 2008).
  • 'Does the Letter of the Law Always Arrive at Its Destination? Honore de Balzac’s "A Study in Feminine Psychology"',  Jurisprudence Section, SLS Conference at LSE (September 2008).
  • ‘Law, Literature and the Trouble With One’s Double’ Nordic Network for Law and Literature, Leicester (June 2008).
  • ‘Women in Law and Literature’ Feminism with Fizz, Westminster (June 2008).
  • 'Democracy or Your Life! A Few Words on Jose Saramago's Politics of Silence', plenary speaker at Silence Conference, University of Hull (May 2008).
  • "Mobilizing the Imaginary","The Lost Object in Law, Literature" and "Law and Literature" Keele University Workshop (May 2008).
  • 'Gnosis and Agnosia or, Knowledge and Ignorance, in Jose Saramago's Blindness and Seeing', Law, Culture and The Humanities Conference, Berkeley California (March 2008).
  • 'Law, Literature, and "Law and Literature" on the Couch', Colloquium at Lancaster and Manchester University Law Schools: Constraints in Law and Literature; an Exploration of Regulation, Justice and Ethics (January 2008).
  • 'The Trouble with the Double: Law, Literature and Law & Literature on the Couch', Literature and Law Research seminar, Hull University, English Department (May 2007).
  • ‘Law, Literature, and Law & Literature on the Couch’ 23rd IVR World Congress, Law and Philosophy Conference, Krakow (August 2007).
  • 'The Trouble With The Double: Expressions of Disquiet In and Around Law & literature', plenary speaker at Melbourne Law & Literature Conference, Passages; (July 2006).
  • 'The Jurisprudence of the Love Song', staff seminar at University College London Law School (November 2003).
  • 'The Lawyer in His Labyrinth' Langstaff Distinguished Speakers Series, McGill University, Montreal (November 2003).
  • 'Taking Law Frivolously', Law & Society Conference, Vancouver (May - June 2002).
  • 'In The Beginning Was A Lullaby', Law, Culture and Humanities Conference, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (March 2002).
  • 'The Seduction of Mimesis; Aeschylus' "Oresteia''', Cardozo Law School Symposium on Law and Literature (April 1999).
  • 'Fantasies of Women as Law-Makers', Law & Literature Colloquium, University College London (June 1998).
  • 'Language, Ethics and the Imagination', Law and Literature Conference, University of Northern Territory, Darwin, Australia (1996).
  • 'Narratives of the (M)Other in Toni Morrison's Fiction' (Plenary Speaker), Law & Literature Conference, University of West of England (June 1996).
  • 'New Approaches to International Law Conference' workshop on feminism and post-colonialism, University of Madison, Wisconsin (June 1996)
  • 'Breaking the Back of Words: Toni Morrison's "Beloved"', Birkbeck and London School of Economics Legal Theory seminar series (January 1996).

Other associations and work

  • Member of Editorial Board of Law and Literature (Routledge)
  • Member of Editorial Board of International Journal of Law in Context (Cambridge University Law Press)
  • Member of Advisory Board of Australian Feminist Law Journal (Griffith University)
  • Member of the Editorial Board of Law and Critique, (Springer)
  • Member of Advisory Board of web journal basileus.


  • In conversation with Sophie Fiennes, director of "The Perverts Guide to Cinema", Zizek's Big Ideas Lecture Series, Birkbeck (2015)
  • Interview with Professor J Weiler, Editor-in-Chief, European Journal of International Law, EJIL podcast (2014)
  • ‘Between Crisis and Anxiety’, Shopping Hour Magazine Special Issue: Crisis (2013)
  • The Guardian April 2011, quoted in 'Prisoners sign up for law degrees'. The article deals with the popularity of legal degrees with prisoners and ex-convicts and the issue of qualifying as solicitors.
  • Public interview with Slavoj Zizek and Stephen Frosh, Birkbeck Institute of Humanities,  (2008)

Maria Aristodemou