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2015 Staff Publications


  • Douzinas, C. 'Krizde felsefe ve Direnis' [Philosophy and Resistance in the Crisis], Metis Publications
  • Douzinas, C. Hukuk, Adalet ve Insan Haklari [Law, Critique and Human Rights], Nota Bene Publishing
  • Guardiola-Rivera, O. 'Como construir sociedades: diez cosas que no nos dicen acerca de la paz y la guerra, (How to Build Socieities: The Peace Process in Colombia)', Editorial Javeriana.

Edited Books

Chapters in Books

  • Aristodemou, M. ‘The Pervert’s Guide To The Law: Clinical Vignettes from Breaking Bad to Breaking Free’ in de Sutter, L (ed.)  Zizek and Law, Routledge.
  • Bowring, B. 'The Russian Federation and the Strasbourg Court: the illegitimacy of sovereignty?' in Ziegler, K., Wicks, L., & Hodson, L. (eds.) The UK and European Human Rights: A Strained Relationship? Modern Studies in European Law, Hart.
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  • Fitzpatrick, P. (2015) “Sotsial'nyy podkhod v sotsial'no-pravovykh issledovaniyakh [Being Social in Socio-Legal Studies]”in Kondakov, A. (ed.) Obshchestvo i pravo: issledovatel'skie perspektivy [Law and Society: Research Perspectives], Centre for Independent Social Research
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