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2012 Publications


  • Gearey, Adam. Justice as Welfare. Equity and Solidarity, New York: Continuum (February 2012).

Edited Collections

  • Douzinas, C. (with Stone, M. and Wall, I.) New Critical Legal Thinking: Law, Politics and the Political. Routledge-Cavendish: Birkbeck Law Press. 2012
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  • S. Xenakis (with Cheliotis, L.K.)(eds) Crime and Punishment in Contemporary Greece: International Comparative Perspectives. Oxford: Peter Lang AG, 2011 [635 pp.]. Reviewed in: Prison Service Journal 204 (2012): 58; Journal of Modern Greek Studies 31,1(2013): 159-161.

Chapters in Edited Collections

  • Aristodemou, Maria. ’Three close ups in search of truth: law, cinema, psychoanalysis’ in Reading The Legal Case: Cross-Currents between Law and the Humanities, edited by Marco Wan. Routledge 2012.
  • Bill Bowring, 'Russian legislation in the area of minority rights', in Oleh Protsyk and Benedikt Harzl eds, Managing Ethnic Diversity in Russia, Routledge 2012, Chapter 1, pp.15-36
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  • Loizidou, E. ‘Lauren Berlant the Americanist, Comparative Literary Theorist and Cynical Philosopher’ in M. Groden, M. Kreiswirth, and I. Szeman, The Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism (Baltimore John Hopkins University Press, 2012)
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  • Bowring, Bill (2012) 'What reparation does a torture survivor obtain from international litigation? Critical reflections on practice at the Strasbourg Court'  The International Journal of Human Rights 16:5, pp. 755–772 – in production - ISSN 1364-2987
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