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Promoting the role of land law in economic and social development and changing law and practice in developing and post-conflict countries.

The late Professor Patrick McAuslan’s research changed the international development community’s view about the role of land law reform in sustainable development and poverty alleviation.

Until his research identified how policy-makers should and could use land law reform to achieve their development aims, international agencies did not consider that land law reform had a significant role in furthering economic and social development.

McAuslan disseminated and continued his research during many consultancy assignments for the World Bank, the EU, UN agencies, DFID and other international development bodies. He also reviewed planning and land law in many countries, often significantly shaping the resulting legislation.

Consultancy assignments

  • Preparation of an Urban Legal Guide for Sub-Saharan Africa. Review of drafts in Johannesburg, Nairobi, Cape Town. 2013
  • Part of team to review and rewrite the Kuwait Zoning laws. 2013
  • Advise on revision of National Land Policy and National Land Law, Laos. 2012
  • Legal expert (drafting new urban planning laws) in a team to propose reorganisation of urban planning and management systems in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 2011-12
  • Assistance to the Government of Cambodia in preparing an Agricultural Land Law. 2010-2012
  • Afghanistan. Preparation of Resettlement Policy Framework for resettlement consequent on irrigation upgrading and small dam building. 2010
  • Assistance to the Constitutional Commission of the government of Somalia to develop a City Charter for Mogadishu. 2010
  • Assistance to the Government of Somaliland in preparing a national land policy and developing any consequent land laws. 2009
  • Reviewing urban land tenure and planning laws and making proposals for changes to accommodate informal settlements in Monrovia, Liberia 2009
  • Reviewing the land registration process in Tanzania and propose amendments to relevant laws 2009
  • Work on urban redevelopment in Riyadh. 2008
  • Urban planning in Syria and Albania. 2008
  • Land law reform in Maldives
  • Land management in Sudan
  • Consultancy in Kuwait