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Birkbeck Criminology Series showcases path-breaking research in Criminology

Birkbeck Criminology Series puts the School of Law on the map as a dynamic hub of criminological research.

New to the School of Law in 2015, the Birkbeck Criminology Series has showcased a series of timely and path-breaking research in Criminology and Criminal Justice and a new forum where staff and students can engage with prominent and cutting-edge research.

Running until March 2016, the seminar series - which runs fortnightly on Thursdays and is open to members of the public – puts Birkbeck on the map as a dynamic hub of criminological research and teaching, as well as complementing formal provision for the new Global Criminology MSc programme.

The programme includes guest speakers from top research institutions across the UK, Ireland, Europe, the US and Australia, and has attracted guests from a host of backgrounds.

Staff, students and researchers from the Universities of King’s College, Kent, Leicester, LSE, Middlesex, QMUL, Royal Holloway, SOAS, UCL and Warwick have attended. Beyond academia, the series has also gotten the interest of staff at the HMRC and from online academic research hub The Conversation.

Highlights from the series so far include Ben Bowling's presentation on 'crimmigration', Leila Simona Talani's lecture on the City of London as a money-landering 'laundry of choice', and Vincenzo Ruggiero's talk on the long criminological view of financial crime – each of which could not have been more timely and attracted considerable interest.

Each seminar is followed by dinner and drinks with the invited speaker, offering an opportunity for network and community building amongst staff and students within and beyond Birkbeck’s burgeoning criminology area.

Tonight, Mike Hough will be rounding of the Autumn Term schedule, discussing a comparative study on penal practice and public attitudes to punishment, showcasing the scope and quality of criminology research of Birkbeck School of Law’s Institute of Criminal Policy and Research.

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