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Using Books and Journals

When beginning to study from a book or part of a book, start by skimming through the material. This can provide a perspective from which you can then plan detailed study, supported by careful note taking. When making notes from any book, it is well worth taking adequate notes at the first attempt to avoid wasting time backtracking later, when the book may no longer be easily available. Also make sure that you have kept a complete reference to the source book so that you can easily return to the source at a later stage.

Many references on your reading lists will be to articles in academic journals. An increasing number of these are now available online, with archives going back several years. Information about availability of online journals is given on the Birkbeck Library web-site.

When writing coursework, you will be expected to perform a literature search to find additional articles relevant to your topic. This will normally be done by using the online Social Science Citation Index. Information on how to use this, along with a username and password, will be given out at an early session of the Research Methods in Management 1 class.