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Study Skills Workshops

Returning to study can be difficult if you have been out of Higher Education for some time. Or if you have not studied in Higher Education before, it can be mystifying. Or maybe you have studied in another country so everything seems to be different.

Questions arise such as: Will I be able to manage the time commitment? Will I be able to understand all the information that is presented? and what is expected generally of students on this course? The Demystifying Your First Year at Birkbeck and Managing Your Time workshops will help to answer these questions so that you can make a smooth transition in to your studies.

Later on in your course, you will probably be asked to write essays, reports or critical reviews, reference your work, give a presentation or take an exam. These are tasks that you may never have done before or, certainly, not recently. These workshops will offer the opportunity to familiarise yourself with academic conventions and equip you with the resources, strategies & knowledge to successfully complete these activities.

See a full list of our study skills workshops.

For further information about any of these workshops, contact our Learning Co-ordinator.