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Thursday 18 June 6pm: Scholars, Intellectuals and Research Evaluation Exercises

This panel session debated the effect that research evaluation exercises and consequent research rankings have on the university as a public institution and on the shape and significance of academic research.

The panellists made brief presentations addressing questions such as:

  • the impact of research evaluation exercises on the university’s internal communities and their relations with each other
  • the importance of public accountability with respect to university research
  • whether a convincing account of university research activity is possible and the appropriate audience for such an account;
  • the (im)possibility of objectivity and the significance of subjectivity
  • the effect of such exercises on the public image of the university
  • the effect of such exercises in solidifying or dissolving structural differences between universities, between different disciplines within universities, or between different schools of thought within disciplines
  • the extent to which research assessment exercises deepen the division between scholars and intellectuals working within in the universities, and those working outside universities

Organiser: Professor Fiona Macmillan. Speakers include: Diamond Ashiagbor (SOAS), Alan Norrie (Warwick), Stewart Motha (Birkbeck) and Patrick Hanafin (Birkbeck).