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Why study French at Birkbeck?

  • We are a lively community of enthusiastic students, and of dedicated teachers with long experience of delivering part-time degree courses in French to busy Londoners.
  • We aim to train you in the linguistic skills needed for efficient communication with French speakers, combined with a critical appreciation of the culture and values that lie at the heart of French life.
  • Our French studies courses will enrich you intellectually and linguistically. They aim to raise your French language competence to near-native standard, and at the same time promote related skills in translating, summary-writing, and written and oral presentations.
  • Students at BA level can choose a course to suit their needs, either concentrating on French Studies, or combining French with German, Spanish, Portuguese, applied linguistics, humanities or management.
  • At postgraduate level, we offer a graduate diploma in French Studies as well as MPhil and PhD research supervision. Research seminars and public lectures are run on a regular basis.
  • Past students stress that their studies have increased their practical abilities and confidence in speaking and writing both French and English.
  • We particularly welcome students with experience of French in different parts of the world.