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Japanese Exchange

The Department of Cultures and Languages has established a partner agreement with Tokyo-based Ochanomizu University, Japan. Ochanomizu was Japan’s first higher education institution for women, established in 1875 and is one of only two national women’s universities.

Ochanomizu is offering summer-school places to both men and women; however, both semester-long and year-long exchanges are available to women only. There are 5 places available on the Summer School programme and 2 for the semester/year-long exchange.


  • Applicants are expected to have the Japanese language capability necessary to participate in lectures and seminars
  • Additional language classes (optional) are open to exchange students, e.g. Introductory Japanese, Intermediary Japanese and Advance Japanese. Students will be advised to take such classes based on the result of their initial placement test, taken at the beginning of the semester.


International student housing is available outside of the Ochanomizu campus; this includes a single room with shared diner and bathroom facilities for 12,000 YEN monthly.