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Noe Gomez

BA Modern Languages (Spanish and French)

Former warehouse worker and father-of-two Noé Gomez is only months away from achieving his ambition of being a teacher thanks to his studies at Birkbeck, University of London. His journey from working in a warehouse to training to be a Spanish and French teacher began when a friend secretly decided to register Noé to receive information from Birkbeck.

Noé said: ‘I suddenly started getting course details from Birkbeck, and I didn’t know why. I later found out that my friend had signed up for me! I’m now really pleased she signed up for me as otherwise I wouldn’t have been given the push that I needed.’

Aged 29, Noé, from Spain, began studying part-time for a BA in Modern Languages (Spanish and French) at Birkbeck. He has combined working first in a warehouse and later as a baker with evening classes throughout his four-year degree. Having completed his degree, Noé will start teacher training at the Institute of Education in September 2014.

Noé added: ‘My friends had studied at Birkbeck, and always gave me really good reports. I followed their advice and chose Birkbeck because of its excellent reputation, evening teaching and as it is part of the University of London.’

Throughout his studies, Noé’s life was very busy. He said: ‘I was newly married and became a father during the course of my studies, so I had to juggle work, family life with two young sons, and evening studying. I had to cut some of my hours at work and often did not get much sleep, but it has definitely been worth it. Birkbeck’s lecturers really adopt a personal approach, are very understanding, and you become very much part of the community.I postponed going to university for many years and it was a dream that I denied myself for a long time.Birkbeck has been a ticket to my new life, and is helping me achieve my ambition of becoming a teacher.’

Noé is enthusiastic about his future prospects as a teacher, and the government’s focus on modern languages. From this September, all schools in England will teach a foreign language to children aged seven and above. Noé added: ‘I have always wanted to be a teacher and now I am nearly there. Teaching is a fulfilling profession as you can contribute to the growth of a child, and give them the gift of learning. By studying a new language from a young age you open up many new opportunities, and that is why the government is doing the right thing by making foreign languages compulsory in primary schools. Learning languages helps us become more multicultural and has many benefits, whether we are talking about tourism or cinema, music or business.’

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'Birkbeck has been a ticket to my new life, and is helping me achieve my ambition of becoming a teacher.'