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Student profiles

Magda Zikas

BA Spanish and Latin American Studies

'Learning a language helps you see things differently - in a more open-minded way - and this definitely has a positive impact on your job and career.'

Cecilia Wong

BA Spanish and Japanese

'My degree adds to my CV and opens up opportunities which would not otherwise be available to me, such as overseas secondments.'

Jimmy Marlow

BA Spanish and Latin American Studies

'The course was a real eye-opener for me. I learnt how to look at everything in a different way.'

Tomas Peters

MPhil/PhD student in Latin American Studies

'Discussions with my supervisor, John Kraniauskas, have been really stimulating.'

Peter Sibson

BA French Studies

'The course combined a lot of the things that I was interested in- French cinema, politics and linguistics.'

James Wilper

PhD German

'I want to be an expert in my field and I feel that through this College I’m well on my way.'

Mary Tapissier

MA European Cultures

'Seminars and group work was incredibly varied and vocal.'

Maria del Pilar Gonzales

BA German & Spanish

'On a personal level I use the knowledge I have gained in my everyday life.'

Oana Filote

MA European Cultures

'The tutors were really amazing.'

Chantelle Senior
BA German Studies
'There are so many things that I wish I'd learned before and I'm filling those gaps now.'

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