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PhD supervision

I welcome working with students focusing their projects on the periods of Francoism, Republican exile and of post-Franco Spain and concerned with any aspects of the intersection of culture and politics in relation to urban spaces; Republican exile; state transformation from dictatorship to transition to democracy.

  • Lee Watson, 2001-2007: Representing Catalunya : Articulating an identity through media sports texts - nationalism to post-nationalism, from modernist tradition to post modern condition.
  • Nicola Mola, 2004-2012: Antonio Muñoz Molina and the role of the modern man of letters.
  • Peter Cooke, 2004-2009: The liberalism in exile of Ocios de españoles emigrados (1824-27): An Hegelian perspective.
  • Oscar Salgado, 2007-2012: The poetics of Julián Ríos: A ‘generative’ work. Recipient of an AHRC doctoral award.
  • Mark  Stuart-Smith, 2008-2012: Juan Muñoz: Memory and silence. Recipient of an AHRC doctoral award. Co-supervision with Prof. Simon Shaw-Miller, Birkbeck, History of Art.
  • Eva Nieto, 2010-2016: A mind of winter? The intellectual exile of Arturo Barea (1939-1957). Recipient of an AHRC doctoral award.
  • Paula Clemente Vega. 2015- Decolonising Representation. Cultural Diversity in British and Spanish Museums from 2008 to 2017. The Case of Tate, Reina Sofia and MACBA.

Other doctoral supervision:

  • Francesc Salgado, 2007 May-September: External supervision while on research visit from Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona). “El periodismo de Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, desde El Español hasta Triunfo” (1960-1978)”.
  • Rosa Estruch Beltran, 2012 May-June: External supervision while on research visit from Universitat de Barcelona. “La figura de l’intel.lectual en la literatura catalana: Joan Fuster”.

Post-Doctoral Supervision

  • Isaac Marrero 2011-2014 “Looking at/for the militant city: political space and audiovisual art in two postindustrial, Olympic cities -the case of Barcelona and London” Postdoctoral Research Grant from the Spanish Ministry of Culture.