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Teaching and areas of research supervision


    • "Studying the Hispanic, Luso-Brazilian and Native American Worlds";
    • "Understanding Cultures";
    • "Luso-Brazilian Cultures";
    • "The Twentieth-Century";
    • "Literature and the City";
    • "Portugal In-Between. Identity and Cosmopolitanism in Portuguese Culture";
    • "Iberian Political Cultures. Approaches to modern Portugal and Spain".


    • "Cinema in the World";
    • "Crisis in Portuguese Cinema";
    • "Fernando Pessoa and Modernism";
    • "Film, History and Revolution".

Areas of supervision

    I welcome prospective research students and projects on any of the aspects of my current and past research:
    • Portuguese nationalism and national identity;
    • Fascism and salazarism;
    • Portuguese modernism;
    • Neo-realism and political art;
    • Portuguese classical cinema and “Cinema Novo”;
    • The Carnation Revolution;
    • Post-revolutionary culture and the 1980s;
    • History of the Press and Cultural Industries;
    • History of Intellectuals;
    • Memory and historiography.

Current supervision

    • Tiago Avó, “Cultural production in the Portuguese revolutionary process, 1974-75”;
    • Patrícia Braz, “The political gesture in Pedro Costa's cinema”;
    • Érica Valente, “Women in Portuguese Cinema Before and After the Revolution: Representation and Reality”;
    • Cláudia Figueiredo, “The Struggle on Stage: theatre, proletarian cultures and social emancipation in early 20th century Lisbon”;
    • James Hemsley, “Portuguese Cinema – The transition to democracy: changes and continuities, causes and consequences”;
    • Giulia Bonali, “Wearing the change: Fashion in Portugal after the April Revolution”;
    • João Laia, “Portuguese Artist Film and Video. Historical contexts, influences and representations”


    • Rita Luis: "Spain and the Portuguese Revolution of 1974-75: the limits of a suveilled press", Universitat Pompeu Fabra (with Jaume Guillamet Lloveras)
    • Mariana Pinto dos Santos: "Inventory-Narrative-Fragment. Three moments in Portuguese art history”, New University od Lisbon (with Silvina Rodrigues Lopes)