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Areas of Research Supervision

Visuality and modernity in Latin America and the Caribbean; cinematic landscapes; urban encounters and performance; cross-cultural histories of tropical botany in Latin America; travel and image-making; cultural heritage in Latin America.

PhD projects supervised

  • Sara Albuquerque (AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award with Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and FCT Grant), ‘Exploring tropical nature in British Guiana: RBG, Kew’s collections revisited’ (PhD awarded in 2013)
  • Patricia Bossio, ‘Collaborative dynamics between artists from different cultural geographies: the case of Transtango-Urban Encounters
  • Bea Caballero (AHRC Award), ‘The spectacle of appropriation: the uses of Latin American cultural heritage in the construction of modern identities’ (PhD awarded in 2017)
  • Mariana Cunha, ‘Framing landscapes in Brazilian cinema: journeys between rural and urban spaces (1963-2006)’ (PhD awarded in 2010)
  • Frederico Duarte (AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Partnership with the Victoria & Albert Museum and FCT Grant),‘”Our poor, beautiful and culturally rich country”: the contemporary challenge of Brazilian design
  • Catarina Gancho-Fontoura (AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Partnership with the Royal Society), ‘Picturing Mato Grosso, 1967-69: expeditionary science and salvage fieldwork
  • Agata Lulkowska, ‘The Arhuacos, film, and the politics of representing the “Other” in Colombia’
  • Jemma Pym, ‘Imagined cities in the Dominican Republic: place, race and the quest for “Lo Dominicano”’
  • Raul Valdivia (Maynard Keynes Award), ‘Subaltern photography in Peru: the TAFOS Project’

Visiting PhD students

  • Carla Hermann (UERJ, CAPES Award), ‘The landscape experience from the nineteenth century to the present: the panorama’, September-December 2015
  • Juliana Martins (UFRJ, CAPES Award), ‘Contemporary photography and the fate of images’, March-June 2012
  • Ana Marcela França de Oliveira (UFRJ, CAPES Award), 'The construction of a Brazilian phytogeography in the landscape iconography by nineteenth-century travellers', February-May 2014
  • Priscila Vieira (UFRJ, CAPES Award), ‘Iconoclasm and the production of images by Brazilian Protestant minorities: a case study on CAVE - Audio Visual Evangelical Centre’, March-August 2013