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John has published major articles in Boundary 2, New Formations, Radical Philosophy, Angelaki, Revista de Crítica Cultural, Nuevo Texto Crítico, Boletín, Revista de Estudios Hispánicos, Revista Iberoamericana, Nepantla: Views from South, Traces and Sight and Sound.

His edition and translation of Carlos Monsiváis, Mexican Postcards, was given a Special Mention for the LASA 98 Bryce Wood book prize.

He has contributed essays to: the Archivos critical edition of Miguel Angel Asturias, El Señor Presidente; Walter Benjamin's Philosophy: Destruction and Experience, eds. A. Benjamin and P. Osborne; Las culturas de fin de siglo, ed. J. Ludmer; Cannibalism and the Colonial Order, eds. F. Barker, P. Hulme & M. Iverson; Fronteras de la modernidad en América Latina, eds. H. Herlinghaus & M. Moraña; The Latin American Cultural Studies Reader, eds A. Rios, A. de Sarto & A. Trigo, Walter Benjamin: Critical Evaluations in Cultural Theory ed. P. Osborne, among others. Some of these articles have also been translated and published in the Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Portuguese.

John is currently preparing three books: on transcultural and subaltern studies; crime form and the state in Mexico (in collaboration with Alberto Moreiras); and Eva Perón and the populist state.




- Politicas literarias: politica y acumulacion en la cultura latino-americana (with a Prologue by Roger Bartra), FLACSO, Mexico, 2012

-Edited, Translated and Introduced: Carlos Monsiváis, Mexican Postcards, Verso, London, 1997 (202 + xxii)



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