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Anthony Shepherd

Anthony Shepherd is the Programme Administrator for the MPhil/ PhD Research across the School of Arts.

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tel: 020 3073 8374

Current News

Dr Luis Trindade, Senior Lecturer in Portuguese Studies, has just had his book on Portuguese journalism and modernism in the 1920s published by Berghahn.

06 July 2016
  • CFP: Replacement

    This conference is about modes of personal haunting, looking both forward and back, and may focus on any of the three main positions in the drama of replacement: the ‘replacement’ child or partner; the never-entirely-dead predecessor; or the effect on the empowered or disempowered person whose desires move between these two others.

  • New publication: Contemporary Japanese Women’s Theatre and Visual Arts: Performing Girls’ Aesthetics

    Dr Nobuko Anan, Lecturer in Japanese studies, has recently had her book on the history of 'girls' aethetics' in Japanese art published by Palgrave.