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e-recruitment at Birkbeck

The internet has evolved recruitment activities in the Higher Education sector and now plays a major role in the advertising of positions sector wide. Third party online advertising has huge economic benefits over its printed media competitors, can reach both a wider and more targeted audience and has rapidly become the lead source of candidates for posts advertised by Birkbeck. The next logical progression is to use technology to streamline the application process for our IT literate candidates.

The recent Human Resources Strategy proposes that the College:

Investigate appropriate automated recruitment and selection systems, with the aim of acquiring a suitable system that provides:

  1. an improved and efficient recruitment and selection service for the College and

  2. good management information

What does online recruitment hope to achieve?

  1. Improved efficiency through time, cost and resource savings

  2. Streamlining internal processes

  3. Streamlining candidate’s processes

  4. To portray the correct image of Birkbeck and remain competitive

Where is Birkbeck? Birkbeck is in a strong position to adopt change for its ~200 annual recruitment exercises. Centralised recruitment, consistency of processes, good use of the web site and an existing commitment and understanding of online advertising should make the adoption of e-recruitment an evolution rather than a radical change. Consultation with frequent recruiters has echoed the demand for a more streamlined and responsive process.

What is the Higher Education sector doing? A recent survey1 into e-Recruitment in the HE sector revealed that 68% of Institutions are in a similar position to Birkbeck in terms of online recruitment, and a further 14% have moved on to a more advanced stage. The same sample group anticipated that 64% of Institutions would move to an interactive online application position within five years. HE is moving forward and emulating the progress already made in the private and public sector, both in the UK and internationally. For our competitors in the private and public sector online recruitment is the current standard recruitment process.

A business case has been made for the implementation of e-recruitment with the overall aim of improving recruitment efficiency and effectiveness at Birkbeck. After a long period of investigation a preferred e-recruitment solution has been identified.

A project team has been established and tasked with implementing the i-GRasp hosted solution provided by Stepstone, meeting the objectives of the project, and delivering within the timescale set out in the project plan. This will be achieved by the project team working in partnership with the Stepstone implementation team over the autumn term.

1 towards an e-recruitment strategy for the higher education sector, QUAD research 2007


Issued: 08 February 2008

Last modified: 18 February 2008