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Accessibility FAQs

Q. The College advertising and application process is online. What can I do if I cannot access the internet from home?

A. You can get internet access from a number of places. Many cafés, libraries and job centres have computers that you can use. If you experience difficulty obtaining internet access in order to complete the application please contact the recruitment team by email at and alternative arrangements, according to your needs, will be discussed.

Q. I do not have an email address. How will I apply?

A. You can register for a free email address with organisations such as Google, Hotmail or Yahoo. Please note that Birkbeck does not specifically endorse these email service providers and many other providers are available.

Q. Can I make a written application?

A. Our preference is that all applications are submitted online unless otherwise stated on the advert. If you have a disability which makes it difficult for you to apply by this method please us at

Last modified: 18 February 2008