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Job Evaluation
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Birkbeck College's Implementation of the National Framework Agreement (NFA)

The National Framework Agreement for the Modernation of Pay Structures (NFA) was an agreement reached in May 2004 between the Universities and Colleges Employers' Association (UCEA) and all trade unions recognised by the HE sector with a view to reforming pay structures, grades and some terms and conditions across the sector. In order to accept the NFA, the AUT (the union for Academic and Academic Related staff) negotiated an additional document called The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

Certain aspects of the NFA are national agreements, which all Higher Education Institutions (HEI's) have to implement and others are for local negotiation at Birkbeck with our recognised trade unions. One of the main provisions of the NFA was the introduction of a 51-point single pay spine, to which all staff will be assigned. There is also a requirement to introduce an analytical job evaluation scheme across the College.

As you will be aware, the College has been working very closely with representatives from the trade unions to determine the details of the National Framework Agreement (NFA) for implementation at Birkbeck, in the form of the Framework Negotiation Group (FNG).

Birkbeck and UCU locally agreed to deal with Academic, Research and Professional & Support Staff in the 1st Phase and Hourly Paid/Sessional Teaching staff in the 2nd Phase.

We can confirm that the FNG has now reached agreement on the key areas of the NFA, which also meets the requirements of the MOU as negotiated with UCU locally. In addition, the College is extending the principle of the MOU to all other staff groups to ensure equity and fairness across all staff.

The full Birkbeck Agreement of Phase 1 of the NFA can be found here.

The full Birkbeck Agreement of Phase 2 of the NFA can be found here.

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