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Online surveys

The ITS Web Team has an account with Bristol Online Surveys (BOS) that enables any member of staff or research student within the College to create online surveys using a straight-forward web interface.  The procedure to be followed when this facility is required by a School, Department, Research Unit or individual member of staff or research student (the client) is set out below.

  1. The client contacts the ITS Service Desk (, 020 7631 6543) at least one week prior to the survey creation process needing to start.

  2. If the client is from a unit that has already been set up with a BOS account, the client will be referred to the appropriate departmental contact who should be able to create an account for that individual.  If not, a BOS account will be created and this will trigger an automated email to the client containing a validation link. Extensive support information about the BOS facility and to guide the client in the creation of their surveys is available at No further support is provided by the Web Team.