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Description of the Birkbeck Wireless and Mobile service

IT Services operate an expanding wireless (wifi) network serving all areas of the College.The wireless network supports eduroam (the international collaborative network for providing access to users from participating organisations), and a local wireless network (BBK-Guest) offering a guest service to support conferences and other visitors, which can also be used to configure a device for eduroam.

For conferences, accounts are setup in advance of the conference, by request to the ITS Service Desk (for Birkbeck staff) and to Estates Room Bookings (for external organisations).

For individuals visiting staff or departments at Birkbeck, a request for wireless access can be made when first connecting to the wireless network. This requires that the department being visited is able to sponsor the visitor. Requests to make Birkbeck staff sponsors (with access to authorise visitors for access) should be made to the ITS Service Desk.

eduroam has been configured to provide a consistent service to Birkbeck users whether they are on site or elsewhere. This means for some services, the  Virtual Private Network (VPN) is required to access some services.

Printing from wireless devices is available.

We welcome feedback on wireless coverage, and if you identify areas of the college which are not offering a strong wireless signal, please let us know.