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SOP(UCL) Helpfile

A helpfile ,for Birkbeck teaching staff, of the School of Pharmacy (UCL) campus, hired for Birkbeck evening teaching

The School of Pharmacy

29-39 Brunswick Square

London WC1N 1AX

Telephone 020 7752 5800

Location link - School of Pharmacy (UCL)

For assistance contact main reception

The following rooms are booked at SOP (UCL) for Birkbeck teaching

SOP B42 (capacity-35)

SOP M2 (capacity-50)

SOP M3 (capacity-45)

SOP 228 (capacity-60)

A/V Facilities

Fixed projectors ,PCs and visualisers are installed in every room

For PC login information please see the link below (staff username and password required):

Wi-Fi Facilities

WiFi – If students or staff have a Birkbeck Eduroam account, then the LSHTM Eduroam service can be joined as a guest.

First you have to create an account in your home institution, Birkbeck, details of which are on this link: Birkbeck Eduroam

Then you can access Eduroam in SOP, UCL as a guest- details on this link: Eduroam at SOP-UCL

If you have any queries or complaints about any aspect of the A/V provision in this venue, please contact Birkbeck AV team.

If the venue’s A/V or IT departments need to be contacted the A/V team will do so on your behalf.

The Birkbeck A/V team (ITS) via email at  

or by telephone on 020 7631 6543.