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LSHTM Helpfile

A helpfile, for Birkbeck teaching staff, for London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine room booked for Birkbeck evening teaching

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Location link - School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine 

For assistance contact main reception

LSHTM sitemap link LHSTM sitemap

Rooms booked for Birkbeck teaching: please note there are two sites,

Keppel Street (KS) and 15-17 Tavistock Place (TP)

LSHTM LG6                

(KS)      (capacity 36)

LSHTM LG7                

(KS)      (capacity 38)

LSHTM LG8                

(KS)      (capacity 34)

LSHTM LG9                

(KS)      (capacity 34)

LSHTM Jerry Morris A           

(TP)      (capacity 25)

LSHTM Jerry Morris B           

(TP)      (capacity 38)

LSHTM Mary Seacole            

(TP)      (capacity 20)

LSHTM Manson LT     

(KS)      (capacity 90)



Fixed projectors and PCs are installed in every room

The login information for Birkbeck tutors at LSHTM is available on this link

There are instructions for the A/V facilities:

Link for LHSTM AV instructions (large PDF file)

Wi-Fi- access is via Eduroam, you firstly need to have an Eduroam account at Birkbeck, details on this link - Birkbeck Eduroam and then you can use the LSHTM Eduroam service

If you have any queries or complaints about any aspect of the A/V provision in this venue, please contact the Birkbeck AV team.

If the venue’s A/V or IT departments need to be contacted the A/V team will do so on your behalf.

The Birkbeck A/V team (ITS) via email at  

or by telephone on 020 7631 6543.