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LSE Helpfile

A Helpfile, for Birkbeck tutors, on the rooms and facilities in the London School of Economics and campus, booked for Birkbeck evening teaching

London School of Economics

Houghton Street

Tel 020 7405 7686

Main Location

LSE Campus Map

General LSE info for Birkbeck staff and students

Check your Timetable at LSE on this link Birkbeck Timetable at LSE

which is updated daily and will inform you of any changes

Who to call if you experience problems:

AV technical support available until 7.30pm on ext 5300 or 5400 from the phone in the classroom

LSE employs assistants at the start of the academic year to assist tutors to familiarise themselves with the operation of LSE A/V equipment.


Rooms booked for Birkbeck teaching-

For example:

LSE CLM 2.04 This is a room Birkbeck booked last year at LSE, in the Clement House building, Aldwych map ref -Clement House LSE location  

Or -  LSE 32L refers to the building in Portugal Street, near Lincoln’s Inn  Fields, Portugal Street  Refer to the LSE Campus Map

 for locations of other buildings you may be booked in.

List of acronyms for building locations:

32-L –                    32, Lincolns Inn Fields Map Ref

AGWR –               suite located in the Old Building, the Graham Wallas Room Map Ref

CLM                   Clement House, Aldwych Map Ref

CON -                    Connaught House, Aldwych Map Ref

EAS -                      East Building, Houghton St, Map Ref      

KSW-                     Kingsway, entrance in Portugal st. Map Ref

NAB -                    New Academic Building, Sardinia St. Map Ref

OLD -                     Old Building-main entrance in Houghton St. Map Ref

STC -                      St Clements, entrances in St Clements Lane or Clare Market Map Ref

TW1, 2 & 3 -       Towers 1, 2 & 3, located in Clements Inn, accessed from Aldwych, past Clement House, walking East Map Ref        

Room equipment details

There are numerous rooms which may be allocated for Birkbeck teaching. They are all equipped with up-to-date audio-visual equipment, a fixed PC, DVD, projector and screen.

AV technical support available until 1930 on ext 5300 or 5400 from the phone in the classroom

LSE maps and directions can be found here-LSE Maps and Directions

Internet access is via the logins for Birkbeck tutors available on this link (staff username/password required): 

Please follow the detailed instructions below for PC and system operation (you will need the login information from the link above).

LSE Teaching Rooms – how to log into the PC and operate the projector: for Birkbeck College Tutors

*To Log into the PC

Press CTRL, ALT and DEL as prompted on the PC screen

1)         At the log in screen, click on the very small link that says ; ‘how do I log onto another domain?’

2)         A dialog box will open: at the bottom of this box will be the specific name of the computer you are using – it will be based on the name of the room you are in, This is the only thing in the procedure which is different from room to room: make a note of the Computer name – you will need to enter it as part of the User Name when you log on

3)         Go back to the log in box: It will ask you for a User name and a password.

User:    Enter the Computer Name you have noted before, followed by a backslash ‘\’

Then enter the user name from this link 

This is always in capitals, it won’t work in lower case

*Switch on the Projector

There is a touch panel or buttons on the teacher’s desk which are marked ‘Projector On’ or ‘Display On’

Press this button to start the projector and follow the instructions on the touch panel

*To project what is on the PC

The system defaults to PC as the projector warms up , but press the PC button anyway so that the system selects the sound and vision outputs from the PC.

You can then use the PC to show online material, DVDs, play audio CDs or load up PowerPoint slides from a memory stick. If the appropriate playback software doesn’t launch automatically when you load up your disk, go to Start, then All Programs/Standard Applications then Media Players to select software like VLC media player. The PC has an internet connection through Internet Explorer.

There are volume and mute controls on the teaching desk touch panel, and check the computer’s own sound level if you can’t get volume on sound items. The rotary knob on the teaching desk touch panel is the volume control, you need to turn it many times to change the volume, so keep turning and the volume will increase or decrease

*To connect your laptop

Use a VGA cable and a jack cable for sound if required to connect your laptop to the sockets on the teaching desk. Once the projector is switched on, turn on your laptop and select ‘Laptop’ from among the options on the touch panel. You may need to use the controls on your laptop to send the signal to the projector, though in general, the smarter the laptop, the more able it is to detect that it is connected to a projector

*DVD/VHS player (where fitted)

The DVD player plays UK region commercial DVDs only: for multi-region or home-burned DVD disks, use the PC. You can operate this machine using the controls on the teaching desk or the machine itself. There is not a remote control for it


Switch the visualiser on, and select ‘visualiser’ or ‘vis’ or ‘doc cam’ from the options on the touch panel.

*Shutting Down

You must switch off the projector at the end of your class – otherwise the bulb life is shortened and the likelihood of sudden failure for you or another tutor is much higher. To Switch off, press the ‘Display Off’ or ‘Projector Off’ buttons and follow any prompts on the touch screen. Please switch the whole system off, as prompted. It can be restarted by the next user touching the panel. Please also log-out of the PC.

Evening stewards will visit your room at the start of each class to check all is working, and to assist you where necessary. During LSE term time, there is AV technical support available until 1930 on ext 5300 or 5400 from the phone in the classroom. The stewards are in the Old Building Reception until 1915 each evening. We encourage tutors to learn the log in procedure so that they can get themselves started each week. If it is not working to your satisfaction, or you think there is a fault, call AV or speak to the stewards so that they can report it.


Wi-Fi Eduroam is available at LSE. You first have to have set up an Eduroam profile from Birkbeck. Information on how to do this can be found on this link: Birkbeck Eduroam then you can set up guest access at LSE , information for this can be found here: LSE Eduroam 


If you have any queries or complaints about any aspect of the A/V provision in this venue please contact Birkbeck AV team.

If the venue’s A/V or IT departments need to be contacted the A/V team will do so on your behalf.

The Birkbeck A/V team (ITS) via email at  

or by telephone on 020 7631 6543.