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Events recording services for Birkbeck

The Media Services video recording service provides professional video recording facilities to capture events with operated cameras, and sophisticated post-production editing facilities. We also facilitate recording with the in-house installed cameras and microphones, via Panopto, which is installed in every Birkbeck classroom and lecture theatre


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 What type of recording of your event would you like?

If all you need is a more basic recording of your event, from start to finish, including video of the presenters for the event at the front of your classroom or lecture theatre, 'side-by-side' with a separate video of the PowerPoint presentations used during the event, then we would suggest booking a Panopto recording of your event. This is not of the highest quality, as it uses a single camera, set to a wide shot, and a ceiling mounted microphone, but is certainly more than adequate if you wish to have a record of the event for your students, or for transcription purposes. It is designed primarily as a resource for students who have attended the event and wish to re-visit the seminar, lecture, or other academic event for further study or revision purposes

If you use Panopto already, it is simple to log in to the classroom PC (with your staff username and password), select the Panopto software icon, and log on via Moodle. You then start the recording, after ensuring the camera and microphones are working. A web helppage on Moodle for Panopto use can be found on this link Panopto Moodle help page (you will need to log in with your Birkbeck username and password)

If what you require is a more professional video recording of your event, with (usually) two cameras, one set to a semi-wide shot, and an operated camera, which can be zoomed in towards the presenter at the lectern, or to individual panel members at a panel table, as required by the flow of the event. This type of recording is more time-consuming because editing is required after the event to make the finished result look as polished as possible, including titles, presentation slides, names of presenters as they begin their presentations a captions on-screen, and other features commonly seen on documentary-style video recordings.

An explanation of post-production editing processes can be found on this link: Events video editing

There may be costs for this type of recording, depending on the amount of time taken to set up, the length of the event, de-rigging, as well as the amount of time required to carry out the post-production editing. These costs are usually only the media Services staff are fully booked, which requires the hiring of additional staff to carry out commitments, or if they are required to work overtime in carrying out the recordings and/or completing the post-production editing.

We carry out many recordings at no charge, but we are a small team, and if we are fully committed, then we can record additional events only if some charges are levied.

An explanation of possible charges in those circumstances are available on our webpage Costs for video recordings

Phone 020 7631 6133 to ask for details of our services, or to book a recording, or email