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Mobile Service Description

Description of the service for Mobile Phone provision


ITS have entered into a contract with EE via a reseller for the supply of mobile phones.

The devices are provided to meet the requirement from staff for convenient 24/7 access to Birkbeck email and calendar systems, as well as for mobile telephony. The issue of these devices is subject to the agreement of budget holder responsible for the School / departmental telephone cost-centre to which initial and recurrent charges will be recharged. Authorisation of the Executive Dean or Head or Professional Services Department is also required to confirm the business requirement. A cost code must be provided prior to the ordering of the device. There is a fixed monthly charge which includes free UK calls and texts, and an allowance for data. Use abroad will attract additional charges.  

Minimum contract term is 2 years. An allowance is provided towards the cost of a device as part of the agreement. More expensive devices will attract a charge, and a device price list is available on request. We no longer stipulate a particular device or device operating system.

ITS will send (usually quarterly to keep administrative overheads to a manageable level) copies of the monthly bills from EE to the owner of the handset for information and for the reimbursement of any personal charges (if relevant). Please note that the devices are not insured as the cost is prohibitively expensive, so the cost of any replacement has to be met by the user or department concerned. 

To request a Birkbeck mobile phone please complete the Mobile Request Form and return it to ITS.

Staff wishing to connect personal devices, may do so, following the installation guides provided.