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ITS Computer Account Registration System

The ITS Computer Account Registration System (or User Registration System) creates the necessary computer accounts across various computer systems managed by ITS and others, and coordinates the password where possible. Student information is received daily from the Registry student record system and if the student is enrolled, the computer accounts are set up. Staff information is received weekly from the HR system, which forms the basis for automatic creation and deletion of staff computer accounts. Other users are registered manually based upon the completion of the "Application for computer use" form, pdf format or in the case of some courses, by the provision of a list of students (in electronic form).

To see what categories of user may access which service, please see our entitlement of access chart pdf format.

Authorised users in Schools and departments may access various parts of the system to force through the creation of computer accounts for students who have not yet enrolled, check account information, print newuser letters locally and change passwords for users in their school or department.

The links on the left have sections for Staff account Registration, Student account registration (including utilities and techniques for working with student computer accounts) , and Registration of Other Categories