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Unacceptable Email use

See also the College Policy on email and Internet use

Your College email account is provided to assist your work at Birkbeck College as a student or staff member. As such the College regulations expect you to use the facility only for your College work and bona fide activities related to the College. Unless you have special permission from the College you should not use your email account for any commercial or semi commercial activity, and must not engage in the following:

  • Junk email is mail that has been sent unsolicited and is not wanted by the recipient. It includes adverts, political and religious tracts.
  • Chain email is a variant of junk email that exhorts you to pass it to other people. It often contains warnings of the dire consequences if you don't pass on the message.
  • Spamming is the name used for sending junk email to a very large number of recipients, usually using lists of email addresses found on the Internet. These lists are often extracted from postings made to Usenet newsgroups. Newsgroups and mailing lists are themselves often the target of spams. This is contrary to the JANET acceptable use policy.
  • Pornography and inappropriate language is expressly against College Computing Regulations . Misuse could lead to removal of the privilege and be the subject of disciplinary proceedings.
  • Forging - Pretending to be another person by altering email headers or using another users logged in account.
  • Harassment - This is not only unacceptable use but may be criminal. Email messages that are derogatory or constitute harassment to another person are strictly against College Regulations and could result in disciplinary proceedings.
  • Random mailing to people that you don't know; this includes guessing peoples addresses.
  • Deliberately sending inflammatory email to lists or individuals that has been designed to upset people.