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Migrating to the GMail service

Migrating to the GMail service

For users of the outgoing Birkbeck Webmail service, there are 4 steps to migration to the new service.

1. If you have not changed your password since November 2010 (and you really should have), please change it by visiting the ITS home page, and following the "change your ITS Password" link.

Once changed, this will synchronize across all Birkbeck services, including Birkbeck GMail, but this latter update may take up to 36 hours.

2. Check that you can login to the Birkbeck GMail service. Once you have successfully logged in, check that you can send and receive email. Note that at this stage, only the new email alias <username> will be working for sending and receiving email.

2a If you want to use the new service to send email immediately, you can elect to set the sending email alias as your primary Birkbeck address by clicking on settings, and then accounts, and following the instructions relating to Send mail as.

2b (For those wanting to use IMAP or POP clients). If you are using IMAP or POP email clients click on settings, then Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Note that by default, IMAP support is disabled, and has to be enabled from the settings pages with GMail.

3. Inform ITS that you would like email routing changed so that all future email is delivered to the new address, by contacting

4. If desired import your old webmail messages into the new service, by clicking on settings, then accounts, and then following the instructions related to Get mail from other accounts:

Extensive help is available from within GoogleApps.