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Email Address allocation


  • All Birkbeck students are registered automatically to use IT Services facilities as part of the enrollment process when joining the college.
  • You will receive a registration email giving your username and password.
  • A student email mailbox will be set up on the Birkbeck Gmail service if you have elected to have one.
  • Student email addresses are in the form



All staff will be registered for email when they return their contracts to HR and have been added to the HR system. New staff email addresses will take the form Some staff may have addresses of the form where the department is running their own mail system, but they should also be able to use the format. The is an additional email alias which is automatically created by the HR System (after checking for clashes). This serves two purposes:

  • (a) enable an easily remembered email address for use by College staff (without having to remember the school / department or the specific machine being used by a individual to read email)
  • (b) maintain a distribution list of College staff email addresses (for sending of allstaff messages).

Please note that aliases are only generated for staff entered in the HR database. To ensure that messages sent to addresses are being correctly delivered (as in some cases they will need to be forwarded to specific departmental mail servers) individual staff need to confirm that they are receiving messages addressed using the alias.

If you are not sure of the email address for a member of College staff you should always check the latest information on the on-line directory available.

Suspension and Closure of staff Email Accounts

Staff email accounts will lapse as soon as you leave the College. You can normally apply for email addressed to you to be redirected elsewhere. If you are going to be away and unable to access email, it is appropriate to set an Out of Office message. If you need help doing this, please contact the IT Services Service Desk.

Role based accounts

The use of role based mailboxes are encouraged. This can be shared between one or more staff independently of personal mailboxes, and are appropriate for departmental contact addresses. If you would like to request an additional mailbox or email alias, please use the form. This will be considered, which is mostly applying common sense to any request to ensure the person requesting it is entitled to use the name. Once agreed, the mailbox can be set up within a few days.