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Mapping your N: Drive to your PC using the VPN

It is possible to access from home files that you have previously stored on your N: drive whilst working within the College. In order to do this, you must map a network drive to the College servers after you have connected using the VPN.

This document will guide you through the process of mapping the drive from a computer running Windows Vista.

Before you can begin, you need to know where your N: is located. All users of ITS services have an N: drive in the following location:\<USERNAME> where "<USERNAME>" is your own username, for example\LSMIT321

However, in some circumstances, using the server name ‘’ does not work, so use the server's IP address. The location of your N: drive would be\<USERNAME>

Making the connection

Click on the Start menu and click on ‘Computer’:

Screenshot showing windows button, all programs, with "computer" highlighted

Then click on "Map network drive"

Screen shot of "Computer" screen with "map network drive" highlightedThen select the drive letter N:

Screenshot of the Map Network drive, with the N: drive selected.

then set the folder path to your home folder (as discussed above), check the box "Reconnect at Logon" if you want the mapping to remain for future use, and then click on "different username"

Screenshot of the "Map network drive" window

When the box appears, type CCSACADEMIC\"your ITS username" (eg CCSACADEMIC\ubaaop1) and then your CCS password, then click OK:

Screenshot of the "Connect As" box

Then click Finish:

Screenshot of map network drive, with "Finish" highlighted

When this has completed, your N: should open in a new windows. Your files will usually be stored in the "My Documents" folder therein. You will also see your new network drive N: in the computer window.



Screenshot of computer window with N: drive illustrated