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Desktop services

Desktop services




Action needed prior

Full access to all desktop applications and files

Connect to the VPN service and use Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) to connect to your desktop PC1


Configure VPN on remote PC2.

Register3 for use of RDC.

Test, including of wake on lan if desired.

Access to core applications and filestore

Connect to the Virtual Desktop Service-4

VPN plus RDC as above

Test the VMWare View client on the device you want to use

Occasional access to email only

As above or use of web client

Test access.

Email access while mobile

Outlook Anywhere on laptops and ActiveSync on mobile phones


Outlook Anywhere requires VPN access the first time it is setup

Access to filestore while connected to the internet

As above


Configure VPN on remote PC.

Register for use of RDC


Access to shared filestore while connected to the internet

As above


Configure VPN on remote PC.

Register for use of RDC

Access to filestore while travelling or without network access.


Use of an encrypted memory key for the transport of file copies.5


For those travelling, encrypted memory keys are available from the ITS Service desk. Care needed in keeping backups, and in multiple version management

Cloud based services for sharing and synchronizing filestore on various desktop PCs

This is not recommended.




  1. Requires the Birkbeck PC to be switched on. While testing continues with WakeOnLan to allow remote trigger of a desktop PC, this is only supported on the Dell Optiplex range due to the various combination of BIOS and network settings that need to be in place. School and departmental support staff may be able to support other manufacturers. It is recommended to have another route of switching the PC on (ie telephoning a colleague) if testing indicates that remote power up is unreliable. Wakeup a PC.

  2. Instructions for setting up the VPN service

  3. To Register for Remote Desktop Connection access to your PC

  4. Virtual Desktop service offers a Windows 7 desktop from many devices, including PCs, Macs, tablets, phones, and is a similar experience to connecting remotely to your PC, except that the Birkbeck PC is a shared one run from servers at Birkbeck.

  5. Staff sourcing their own memory keys should ensure they comply with AES 256 levels of encryption.