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Recommendations for staff working from home

Recommendations for staff working from home


These recommendations were developed to advise staff working from home in the event of a major incident, usually bad weather, affecting physical access to the college. For staff wishing to use the facilities remotely, it is important to test before any incident takes place! They are:

  • The Virtual Desktop service, which offers convenient access to a Windows 7 desktop and general purpose applications.
  • The use of Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) to connect to your work PC as if you were at your desk (requires the VPN service).
  • The use and extension of the voicemail system, to pass a copy of a voicemail to your email mailbox.

If you would like to use Remote Desktop Connection, or arrange to have voicemail messages sent to you as email attachments,  please register. Once you have registered, and if you have not already done so, configure your PC for access to the VPN service. ITS or School staff will contact you when your PC has been configured to allow Remote Desktop Connection. For staff who are already using VPN services and RDC, including those provided by Schools, you can continue to use those services, and only need to register if you would like to alter your voicemail settings.

Depending on circumstances, there are other considerations and options available for desktop services as well as options for telephony, particularly where group working is in place or if forwarding of voice calls is required. While the options may look daunting, this is because we have tried to cover all of the requests and comments received during consultation. For those interested in the reasons why these recommendations have been made, there is a list of Frequently Asked Questions.


Networking implications

Please note that any network access is dependent on broadband speeds, ISP restrictions, the Internet, Internet  to JANET (Joint Academic NETwork) connectivity, JANET itself, and JANET to Birkbeck Connectivity (as well as what people are doing). The impact of very high numbers of people working from home during a period when very high numbers of people will also be using the same national infrastructure to do the same is obviously unknown. H