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Automating the configuration of the Birkbeck VPN (staff only)

For Windows PCs running XP or later operating systems, including Windows 7, it is possible to partially automate the configuration of the VPN. Please ensure that you have read the background information about the VPN service and configuring your computer first.

1. You first need to know whether your PC is running a "32 bit" or "64 bit" version of the operating system.

Click on the start button, or windows logo. Then right click on Computer

Windows start menu with computer highlighted

and select properties. A window similar to the one below is displayed, giving an indication of which version of the operating system is installed.

System properties window

2. Download and run the version of the connectoid configuration script depending on the version of the operating system on your computer. To do this, right click on the appropriate link below, and select "Save link as". Depending on your PC security settings you may have to accept security warnings to be able run the program.

Birkbeck VPN Connectoid for 64bit Windows operating systems. (username and password required)

Birkbeck VPN Connectoid for 32bit Windows operating systems. (username and password required)

Confirmation window to run the connectoid

Click yes to proceed.

Confirmation window of who can use the VPN connection

Select the checkbox to add a shortcut if desired, and click OK.

Birkbeck VPN login credentials

Enter your Birkbeck username and password, and click Connect. The connection may take a few moments to connect the first time, but in your network connections screen, "Connected" will be displayed against the Birkbeck VPN (illustrated below).

Network settings window

If you opted to have a shortcut added to the desktop, this will be added, and can be used in future to connect to the VPN.

Shortcut icon for Birkbeck VPN

3. To disconnect from the VPN, which you are advised to do when you are not using it, select the VPN connection from the network connection screen, and click on disconnect.

Network settings with disconnect highlighted