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Configuring the Birkbeck VPN using Apple Mac OS 10.6

Macintosh operating systems have limited support from IT Services, and these notes are provided for guidance only.

Please ensure that you have read the VPN introduction giving a brief background to the VPN service, before

Initial configuration (you only need to do this once)

1. Click on System Preferences in the Apple menu

System Preferences image

2. Click on the Network icon in the System Preferences box

network icon illustration in system preferences

3. If the padlock (in the bottom left hand corner of the screenshot below) shows up as locked (as it does below) you will need to unlock it to add the VPN. Just click on it once and it will ask for your username and password. If you enter these correctly it will then show as unlocked.

mac network settings locked image

4. You can now add the VPN service. To do this click on the + sign in the bottom left hand corner of the Network box (above the padlock).

the lock-unlock image illustrated

5. The New Service box, illustrated below, will appear.

From the Interface drop down menu select “VPN”.

From the VPN Type drop down menu Select “PPTP”.

In the Service Name box Type a recognizable name such as BBK VPN.

Then click on Create.

new service box image

6. From the Configuration drop down menu in the subsequent box select Add Configuration.

vpn configuration image

7. In the Name box type in a memorable name for the configuration such as BBK VPN again. Click on Create.

VPN name box illustrated

8. Next click once on BBK VPN on the left hand side of the following window.

In the Server Address box enter the Birkbeck VPN address or name ( or for staff; for students).

In the Account Name box type your ITS username.

Tick the Show VPN status in the menu bar box in the bottom left of the main window. This makes it easier to connect and disconnect from the VPN as it puts an icon in the top right of the Apple menu bar at all times. Click on the Advanced button in the bottom right of the main window.

Network settings with bbk vpn illustrated

9. Make sure the Send all traffic over VPN connection is ticked and click on OK.

Network settings, options tab

10. Click on Apply and close the System Preferences window and the VPN setup is now complete.

Connecting to the Birkbeck VPN Connection

To start the Birkbeck VPN at any time you click on the VPN icon on the left of the menu bar  (as shown below) and click on Connect BBK VPN (or whatever else you called it).

Connecting to the VPN dropdown

You then need to enter your usual ITS username and password in the relevant boxes and click on OK.

VPN connection dropdown

The VPN icon will then change in the menu bar to show if you successfully connect and how long you are connected for see below.

VPN icon changed to illustrate connection

Disconnecting from the Birkbeck VPN Connection.

To disconnect from the Birkbeck VPN you just need to click on Disconnect BBK VPN from the VPN drop down menu in the menu bar.

You should disconnect from the VPN when you are not using it.

VPN dropdown showing disconnect