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Remote Access to Facilities

If you have an Internet connection, a number of resources at the College are available from home or work.

If you have an Internet connection, a number of resources at the College are available from home or work. As always, you will need your username and password. Note that access from a place of work which uses a firewall may not be possible to all services, and students should enquire of their workplace whether access may be permitted.

Virtual Desktop (staff only)

Birkbeck offers a fully featured Windows Virtual Desktop service to staff using a variety of devices. The service is based upon VMWare, and requires the VMWare View client to be installed, but then offers a Windows 7 desktop, and is the most flexible and straightforward way of getting access to your applications and resources. Due to licencing restrictions, it is not possible to provide this service to students.

Viewing College Web Pages

  • You can use your Internet Browser to view College web pages, although you may be asked for your username and password before you can access some pages.
  • You can configure your Web browser so that the College home page is the default home page when you start the browser.

Moodle (The Virtual Learning Environment)

Dealing with a forgotten password

It is possible for students to manage their ITS computer account from home or work including changing a password or recovering a lost password. 


The Birkbeck Gmail service is available for students to read their email or arrange for email forwarding, and for staff, access to Exchange is provided by Outlook Web Access or Outlook Anywhere.

Birkbeck Library Catalogue

Databases and Other Electronic resources

The Library maintain a comprehensive list of electronic resources available both within the College and externally at The Birkbeck E-Library. This includes many online resources such as electronic journals and bibliographic databases. For many of the externally held resources, it is necessary to log on using your username and password.

School Intranets and systems

A number of Schools and departments run their own servers and systems for students on related courses. These are often a fundamental part of the course, are often password protected, and may be web-based or require access to specialist servers. 

Student Resources

The College Intranet is available to students. Access from the internet (ie outside of the College) is restricted via username/password.

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) service

The Virtual Private Networking (VPN) service at Birkbeck enables users to connect to the Birkbeck College network and utilize network resources as if they were connected directly to it, using their existing connection to the Internet. The VPN is needed if using Remote Desktop Connection to connect to a work PC.

Accessing files on ITS managed systems

Files which are stored on your "N:" drive or shared drives, are available from home if you connect to the VPN service. The VPN service places you on the Birkbeck network, which can be useful for remote access to your desktop (for staff), or for accessing electronic resources which restrict access based upon network addresses.

Full access to desktop resources

For staff, full access to desktop resources is available using Remote Desktop Connection, which allows you to take control of your own PC while away from the College. Details and registration.

Alternatively, you may prefer to use our Virtual desktop service, mentioned above.