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***RESOLVED*** Moodle is now available - Update

17:00 1/3/2018 Live Moodle is now available

17:00 Update – Live Moodle is now available for use. We apologise once again for any inconvenience caused and will be working with CoSector to understand what caused this outage and what can be done in future to minimise the risk of reoccurrence.

15:55 Our external hosting partner (Cosector) has provided an update: Power was lost at 11:20 today and restored by 12:00. Cosector are currently still in the process of recovering services and they believe they are half way through the recovery process. We apologise again to all our users and thank you for your patience.

Moodle is currently unavailable due to an unexpected outage at our hosting partner's data centre.

Our external hosting partner is experiencing power problems which are being investigated.

They are recovering services and are expecting to be operational in 2-3 hours (2:30pm - 3:30pm)

We will post further updates as they become available.

Apologies to everyone impacted by this unexpected outage.

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