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Interruption to Exchange email services this weekend (16th/17th)


Interruption to Exchange email services this weekend (16th/17th)

Due to impending server hardware failure ITS are planning some major maintenance work on our Exchange email services this weekend.

Exchange mail services should be considered ‘at risk’ between 1700 on Saturday and midnight on Sunday.

We need to migrate all mailboxes to alternate server hardware as soon as possible.

We have been preparing for this work over the last week or so and have already migrated ~900 ‘little-used’ mailboxes.

We have also migrated most of ITS active mailboxes.

We now need to work through currently active Staff mailboxes while keeping interruption to services at a minimum. We plan to start this process at 17.00 on Saturday and work through to Sunday evening migrating as many mailboxes as we can, making the largest mailboxes the priority.

During the migration process you will not have any access to your mailbox, and access will only become available an hour or so after migration is completed.

Access via mobile devices will similarly be affected, and will also recover an hour or so after migration of the mailbox is completed.

For those with large mailboxes migration may take a few hours to complete, so we’re making these the priority for Saturday night. I’ll send a message separately to the owners of the top 50 largest mailboxes who can expect disruption to services first.

If you have any reason for this work *not* to be carried out on your mailbox during his then please let me know, but please bear in mind we are carrying out this work out of necessity, not choice.

If anyone needs to contact us re the status of their mailbox while not having access to their mailbox during this maintenance period can contact me from any of their non-Exchange or personal mail accounts at

Once again, apologies for the lack of advanced warning on this and for any inconvenience this work may cause.

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