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Mystudies and student records (SITS)

My Studies and Student Records (SITS)

On Tuesday  December 9th we will be moving the live SITS database onto a new server. This date has been agreed with the Registry and  the BSIS team.

The current server is over 6 years old and has performed well. However, it is now reaching the end of its life and the new server is substantially faster and more powerful.

The schedule for the changeover is roughly as follows:

18:00 Monday 8th December        Access to SITS is stopped so that no further updates can be made. The on-line pages (Prospectus ordering, on-line application etc) will be switched to static pages. Users of ‘My Birkbeck Studies’ will see a “Service Temporarily Unavailable” message. The data is then exported from the database on the old server and imported into the database on the new server.

09:00 Tuesday 9th December        If the export/import has run OK, we will make amendments so that the SITS icons point to the new server.

10:00 Tuesday 9th December        BSIS Team will do some testing

10:30 Tuesday 9th December        The system will be available for use and the normal web pages will be available again.

The above timings are a ‘best case’ scenario and if there any problems, it is possible that SITS may be unavailable for some or all of the afternoon as well. Obviously we will try to avoid that, and we will keep you informed.



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